Ukrainian Minister Visits Rockford

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- While everyone tries to answer the questions left from today's plane crash, Ukrainians are still in need of help and on the ground. There is still hope for a resolution.

According to Reverend Valery Antonyuk, there are Ukrainians without basic necessities, and some who still have their homes are without windows because of bombings. Refugees continue to flee from eastern regions and from Crimea. The reverend is in Rockford at the Slavic Gospel Association and spoke today about the feeling Ukrainians have about the continuing crisis.

"I wish it could be a dream and many people in our country feel the same way," Rev. Valery Antonyuk, Ukrainian Baptist Union, says. "I always believed and many other people believe that Ukraine is the most peaceful country in the world. We never had any aggressive politics and today we have very mixed feelings. On one hand, we need to do good and at the same time, I understand that we need to protect our country and it's quite difficult to combine those two things."

The SGA has set up a crisis evangelism fund to get basic amenities and other essentials to all Ukrainians affected by the conflict. You can donate at

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