UPDATE: Bones Found At ATV Park Are Not Miller's

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Investigators say a skull found feet away from Mark Miller's wallet does not belong to him.

"Rockford Police have never stopped investigating this."

What police originally called a major break in Mark Miller's three year disappearance, has now become a new investigation.

“The bones we recovered are not Mr. Miller,” said Sue Fiduccia, the Winnebago County Coroner.

Human remains, a hip bone, part of a vertebrae, and a skull with teeth were found in a wooded area inside an atv park off south main street. The bones were located just yards from miller's wallet. However Winnebago County Coroner, Sue Fiduccia, says the body parts aren't his.

The X-rays and the restoration did not match the dental X-rays,” Fiduccia said.

Rockford police collected Miller's dental records when he went missing in 2009. Since they're not a match, Fiduccia says copies of the teeth found will go to area police departments.

"What we want now is to learn more about the remains. Is it a male or female? What race? We are trying to narrow some things down before we go to that,” said the Coroner.

Fiduccia says once mud is cleared from the remains, she may be able to identify the skull considering a medical device was implanted near the neck area and could have a hospital identification number.

"The family says Miller has never had neck surgery,” said Fiduccia.

Investigators believe the bones belong to one body, but the mysterious question is…whose body?

Investigators are spending today looking for possible trauma to the skull. Fiduccia says she found an identification marker on the surgical implant and is looking into the code.

UPDATE: The Winnebago County Coroner's office has determined the bones found earlier this week are not Mark Miller's remains. A forensic dentist was called in to compare the teeth found inside the skull to the dental records of Miller given by the family in 2009. There will be more information at 23 News at Noon.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The investigation of Mark Miller who's been missing since March 2009 continues after his wallet and unidentified human bones were found at an ATV park. Miller's co-workers saw him as more than their boss.

"We miss him. He was a good guy." Dorie Wait didn't see Mark Miller as just her manager at the Clock Tower Resort. To her, he was family.

"His family didn't live around here, they were out of town. He talked about them a lot, you know, and we were just like his family," said Wait.

Wait says she met Miller when he first started, manning the front desk. He worked his way up to become the supervisor of the banquet department. Wait says he was always good for a hug.

"He was a big hearted teddy bear. He was very kind and loving," said Wait.

Jack Traum also worked with Miller and wasn't initially concerned when Miller didn't show up for work in March 2009. "I thought it was kind of funny but you know you get a cold or the flu, you don't like to come to work and spread it around, that's what I thought it was," said Traum.

Traum worked with him days before he was reported missing. He says he could tell something was bothering Miller.

"He just didn't act right. I said, Mark what's wrong? And he says you know Jack, I really need a hug," said Traum.

Now as Miller's wallet and unidentified human bones have been found, Traum says he's confident the police will find out what happened. But it'll never replace the loss of a dear friend. "I still can't believe it, I'm still waiting for him to walk through the door and say good morning Jack, how are you?" said Traum.

Anthropologists will spend the next few weeks testing the remains as investigators search for more evidence at the site. Investigators say although they did find additional human remains Thursday, they can't determine whether those belonged to Mark Miller.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- There are breaking developments in a three year search for a missing Rockford man. Police say they found more human remains at the same ATV park where Mark Miller's wallet was found earlier this week.

"It's probably right now, the biggest break we have had in the case"

For the first time since the "missing posters" were hung across the Stateline three years ago, Rockford police made a gruesome discovery that may be linked to mark miller's disappearance.

"We have located additional human remains"

More human bones were discovered near the spot where Miller's wallet was found in this ATV park off South Main Street Tuesday. Anthropologists will spend the next few weeks testing the remains, as investigators search for more evidence at the site.

"We cannot determine if it is male or female or anything about size and that, there is no way to say these remains are that of Mark Miller," said Detective John EauClaire.

The search for miller started in 2009, when investigators say his car was found abandoned near his home on whitman street. Miller's brothers created a video eight months later, hoping it would lead to detectives to their brother.

"There has been no sign or word from his since March 12," says the video.

Investigators say they are still trying to figure out what happened to Mark and say they are determined to give his family and the community closure.

"The Rockford Police department is doing everything it can to bring this case to a close, I think it's one more step in that direction a lot of work to be done,” Mark Glindo with the Illinois State Police said.

Miller's brothers do not live in the area. We'll have more on the investigation tonight on the 23 News Update at 10.

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