UPDATE: Inspections Begin at Sweden House Lodge

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UPDATE: The City of Rockford has begun its inspections of the historic Sweden House Lodge.

The property’s owners have been working on some major repairs all week long after code enforcement shut them down last week for some pretty serious violations.

The City of Rockford says a lot of work has been done, but they will need to conduct more inspections tomorrow before they can determine if it can reopen.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Workers at the Sweden House Lodge tell us they hope to re-open tomorrow.

City workers discovered numerous violations last week, some of which were so serious, they could have caused the building to explode. The hotel’s owner got permits to fix or replace gas lines, the furnace, and the water heater. Contractors have been working on the repairs ever since.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Repair work begins on the condemned Sweden House Hotel where city inspectors deemed the structure un-safe calling its condition possibly life-threatening.

The owner of Sweden House Lodge said that they hope to reopen the hotel on Wednesday.

The City Condemned the building last Thursday after officers noticed a number of code violations during a prostitution sting. Today, the city granted permits for crews to begin the needed repairs, including installing a new water heater, fixing the gas piping, and working on the furnace. Some other needed repairs did not require a permit.

“Smoke detection and carbon monoxide detection also need to take place in a number of areas within the facility and there were some other minor code violations related to plumbing and exiting that need to be addressed as well,” said Community and Economic Development Deputy Director, Todd Cagnoni.

Cagnoni said as soon as the repairs are made the city will send it's inspector through right away to make sure all those problem areas so the hotel can reopen as soon as possible.

The owner tells us the contractors started work this afternoon, that everything should be done, and hopefully they can reopen on Wednesday.

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