UPDATE: Daycare Provider Union Protests in Chicago

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CHICAGO (WIFR) -- After not receiving a paycheck for months, dozens of child care workers were protesting Thursday in Chicago. They were outside the company responsible for processing payments to some child care providers.

A representative from the Service Employees International Union says more than 20,000 providers in Illinois are struggling to pay bills because of late payments.

STATELINE (WIFR) – Several home daycare providers are taking their frustrations to Chicago after months of late paychecks from the state.

The SEIU is demanding for local daycare owners to be paid on time. Many providers say they’ve reached their breaking point after so many months of unanswered calls and questions.
Many childcare providers say hundreds of kids will suffer if the state’s paychecks are always late. Th SEIU hopes to change that by marching to the Deilotte Headquarters, the company handling the state’s new computer management system. Members are demanding workers to fix the problem or pay providers out of their own pocket. Annette Yount is a member of SEIU and she says many daycare owners don’t realize how the union is trying to help.

“As we keep calling in payments and people keep applying, the backlog is getting higher. and hopefully it will help but at least they know we're not going to stand here and not do anything about it,” said Yount.

Many providers say they may stop accepting state funded kids into their daycare because providers can’t afford to wait for the state’s checks. A REP from the union says this problem has affected more than 20,000 providers statewide.

Some daycare providers say they just got paid for the month of January yesterday, however they’re expecting both February and March payments will be late. A rally will take place in Chicago tomorrow morning.

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