UPDATE: Body Found Near Rock River in Janesville; Police Investigating Possible Connection to Stabbing Suspect

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UPDATE: JANESVILLE (WIFR) -- Janesville Police say the body found near the Rock River early Monday morning is that of a woman, and are investigating to see if the death is connected to Clayton Courtney, who is in custody on attempted homicide charges.

Police say Courtney said he killed three people after he was arrested in connection to a stabbing incident on Sunday. Officers are investigating to see if the body discovered near the river is connected. When Courtney was arrested, police say he was covered in mud and blood. Investigators say the mud was not consistent with the crime scene on North Pontiac Drive.

Janesville Police say that during the investigation it was believed Courtney was allegedly doing drugs earlier in the evening with a female friend near the river. That's where police found the body.

Police say if they take Courtney at his word, there could be two additional victims.

If you have any information or have seen anything suspicious we're asked to call the Janesville Police Department at 608-755-3100 or CrimeStoppers at 608-756-3636.

Officers say the body does not appear to be that of missing person Mary Coulthard and that it appears to be someone much younger.

JANESVILLE (WIFR) -- Janesville Police are investigating after a body was found early Monday morning near the Rock River near the former Schuler Furniture Store.

No other information has been given. Police plan to release more details during a press conference at 11:00 a.m. Monday.

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