UPDATE: Arrest Made in Dumpster Fire Spree

UPDATE: Arrest made in dumpster fire spree. Release below-

ROCKFORD – At approximately 11:30 p.m. on August 10, 2013, members of the Rockford Police Department witnessed a man matching the description of the possible suspect in the recent arson dumpster fires. The possible suspect was found walking in the area of Avon and South Street. The person, identified as Donald E. Richardson, Jr., was detained and interviewed by members of the Rockford Fire Department Fire Investigation Unit. As a result of the interview, various surveillance camera footage, and physical evidence, Donald E. Richardson, Jr. was charged with two counts of arson as a result of many of the recent dumpster fires.

There appears to be a serial arsonist in Rockford. Fire fighters say the suspect set eight dumpster fires in the matter of three hours, leaving some damage to nearby businesses.

Investigators say a surveillance camera caught a picture of the man with his back turned. Police say the suspect stuck to the West-Side, setting multiple fires at these locations:

600 West State Street
700 West State Street
1200 West State Street
200 South Madison
700 South Street
500 West Jefferson
300 West Jefferson
400 North Court

We're told all fires were set between 11 and 2 am.

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