UPDATE: Antwan Maxey Behind Bars in Winnebago County

UPDATE (WIFR) -- A murder suspect from a 2011 case is back behind bars after being transferred from the Department of Corrections to the Winnebago County Jail.

Antwan Maxey was charged with the murder of Charles Spivey in January 2011. Maxey had been on parole at the time. Maxey was charged with first degree murder but was released on a legal technicality earlier this year. Prospectus did not give Maxey a trial in 120 days so a judge dismissed the case. After the dismissal, Maxey was sent to prison for breaking his parole. On Thursday, the hold on Maxey by the Department of Corrections expired. That same day, Maxey was re-arrested on a felony charge from before he went to prison. This charge is for running away from police.

Maxey is being held on bond. The Winnebago County State's Attorney's Office says it is appealing the dismissal of the murder charge.

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