UPDATE: Fire Claims Two Lives

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BELOIT (WIFR) – A father and daughter are dead and a mother in critical condition after a house fire in Beloit this morning. Crews say the intense heat made it difficult to reach the victims.

The Beloit home on Fairview Drive is almost unrecognizable as investigators search the gutted living room to figure out what caused the fire that killed two people and left a mother clinging for life.

“There was heavy fire and smoke conditions so that can inhibit anyone from getting out. We know that the father was trying to assist in getting the daughter and the wife out of the home, but sadly he perished during that process,” said Police Captain Bill Tyler.

Investigators say the only survivor, 60-year-old Caren Christiansen jumped out of a second story window just moments after neighbors attempted to free the rest of her family inside. Christensen’s husband, Clint and 33-year-old daughter Jamie never made it out of the house, although the smoke detectors were working.

“They did wake the individuals, they just weren’t able to get out because of the amount of heat in the house.”

Fire crews tell us the heat was so intense, responders also had trouble getting into the home. It took fire fighters 30 minutes to put out the flames.

Caren Christiansen is currently listed in critical condition at a Beloit area trauma center. She’s being treated for burns and smoke inhalation. We’re waiting on an autopsy to learn more about what killed the victims.

UPDATE: BELOIT (WIFR) -- The Rock County Coroner has identified the two people killed in an early morning fire in Beloit as 61-year-old Clint Christensen and 33-year-old Jamie Christensen.

A third person, 60-year-old Caren Christensen is in critical condition at a local hospital.

The origin and cause of the fire is still unknown at this time. The Beloit Fire Department is still investigating the incident.

BELOIT (WIFR)-- Two people have died and another person is in critical condition after a fire in Beloit this morning.

Beloit Police and Fire Departments were called to a house fire located at 1950 Fairview Drive just before 4 am Wednesday morning. The home was engulfed in heavy flames and smoke.

Police say one victim had jumped out of a window and the second victim was found and pulled from inside the home. Those two victims died on the scene. The third victim was helped out of the home by police. That victim is in critical condition, and was taken to a local hospital.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated. The names of the victims have not been released.

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