Two Arrested After Drug Bust

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- On September 20th, 2013 Rockford Police executed a search warrant in the 700 block of Oakley Ave. Inside the residence detectives located a man who they recognized from prior search warrants at this residence, as 48-year-old Lynn Thomas.

Detectives also found a woman who was identified as 25-year-old Latosha Tate, and a young child.

During a search of the residence detectives found three individually wrapped pieces of what was believed to be cocaine, cannabis, and cash, as well as other items which are indicative of drug sales.

Thomas and Tate were both cited for Occupying a Condemned residence.

Thomas is currently out on bond for his arrest on 5/23/13 when he was arrested at previously at the same residence. He was also charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver 15-100 grams of cocaine and possession of cannabis.

Tate and the child were released at the scene.

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