Turbo Coil Tours Freeport

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FREEPORT (WIFR) -- By the first of the year, some Sensata workers could have a new job. Representatives from a California company visited Freeport today to tour facilities where they hope to expand their business.

"This is Americana, you don't get the opportunity to see this out west much."

As a California native, Douglas Koch is looking hard to see what Freeport has to offer.

"I love the Midwest. It's a little bit different weather wise than California but we can used to that,” Koch said.

Koch expects to expand his business Turbo Coil and after learning of Sensata workers' fight to stop outsourcing on national television, he thinks Freeport might be the place to do that.

"I believe there's a good workforce here."

Turbo Coil makes coils for refrigerators and coolers used in chain restaurants and hotels. Koch toured several manufacturing companies including Tri Star Metals.

He says they were going to open a Turbo Coil plant in Las Vegas.

"I think that the geography of where Freeport is located will support our product nationally."

Mayor George Gaulrapp says it's great to see a California company step in to help.

“To have a company take those words seriously and come to Freeport and actually want to be here, and want to expand and want to employ people its a really neat feeling,” said Freeport’s Mayor.

Gaulrapp hopes this expansion will get Freeport out of its economic rut.

"I’m hoping other companies will look at Freeport and look at the fact that we have a workforce that is competent and hardworking and can compete globally."

Once Turbo Coil chooses a facility, Koch says they plan to hire 25 local workers including those being laid off at Sensata.

Turbo Coil's CEO will visit Freeport where he will choose which company he will partner with.

Once an inspection happens there, Koch plans to start shipping equipment.

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