Travelers Fill Up at the Oasis

STATELINE (WIFR) -- While some parts of the U.S. have been ravaged by storms, it’s been a much calmer day for Stateline travelers.

More than 93 million Americans traveled more than 50 miles or more for the holidays and now they're making their way back home. We stopped by the Belvidere Oasis to check in with a few travelers from out of state. They tell us the roads haven't been too bad.

"It's been okay. The toll-way is nice and new. Haven't had any problems, it's a little congested in the city, but that's understandable,” said Gary Michaelson from Wisconsin.

Ellie Haberl, also from Wisconsin said "It was nice, it was an easy trip, it was a beautiful ride, and it was pretty uneventful."

"We come every year, this year, actually, traffic's been a little lighter, we're hitting Chicago at midnight last week, so it was a little quieter,” said Rodney Golightly from Minnesota.

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