Travel Writers Rave About Forest City

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Rockford’s making national headlines once again, but this time it’s something positive. The good news comes a few weeks after a group of travel writers visited the area.

“It feels good just representing Rockford in a positive light.”

Rockford’s image is getting a much needed makeover after being dubbed one of the most miserable cities and landing on the most dangerous neighborhoods list earlier this year.

From our hotels to restaurants, the Forest City is receiving rave reviews in about 30 publications across the country.

“The city as a whole rolled out the red carpet, really impressed guests as they were here.”

It’s part of the travel media showcase where dozens of journalists visited the area for a week back in August, taking in sites like Anderson Gardens and the Burpee Museum.

“We heard it the entire week that they were here that Rockford was going to be really hard to top because they were going on to other cities, I think they were going to St. Paul next," said Seth Frisbee, General Manager at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Writers from raved about Rockford being a great vacation destination. Bridget French from the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau says this is the extra boost needed to attract out-of-towners.

“There are people on a national level who are seeing articles about Rockford and putting in their minds that Rockford is a great family, fun, adventurous, beautiful destination to visit.

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