Transform Rockford Hosting Community Vision Rally at Coronado

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Nearly 1,500 people packed the Coronado in November to find out more about the brand new Transform Rockford movement. Eight months and dozens of vision sessions later, it’s time to return to the Coronado to preview the group’s vision going ahead.

Transform Rockford never hid the fact that this would be a long-term planning effort to improve the social and economic condition of the Rockford region, so it should be no surprise to see it take 8 months before we get to this stage.

People were encouraged to tweet about what they saw, using #visionrally14.

Here's the result of nearly seven months of visioning sessions where people from the public submitted direct input into their shared vision of the future.

Here's what Transform Rockford has put together as the shared vision for the future of our region:

"We are a Top 25 Community where our people are engaged, inspired and are leading successful and fulfilling lives."

"Our community is recognized as one of the very best regions to live in in the US. Our residents are thriving and enjoying a superior quality of live. We have transformed our community by embracing our diversity, fostering a crime-free culture, and delivering an excellent education to all our children."

"We have an agile and vigorous economy built on the renaissance of North American manufacturing, logistics, agribusiness and our adjacency to urban centers, such as Chicago. Our infrastructure is robust, our workforce is sought after and our vibrant neighborhoods and culture and recreational amenities draw people to locate in our region."

Transform Rockford also said the things people brought up most in visioning sessions for things that need i fixing are:

Healthy Lifestyles
Economy & Jobs
Funding & Alignment
Physical Infrastructure
Families & Neighborhoods
Leadership & Youth
Arts & Recreation
Unity, Pride, & Culture

This is a rough draft version of the shared vision. There will be opportunities for even more feedback before the group releases the final vision statement in mid-August.

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