Traffic Shift Scheduled Tonight on I-90 into Eastbound Lanes

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- Drivers on I-90 will get to try out the new roads in the eastbound lanes after tonight.

Westbound traffic will slowly be shifted onto the eastbound side between the Elgin Plaza and I-39. Construction will then begin on the nearly 40-mile stretch of the Westbound Lanes. Work on this stretch of I-90 is expected to be done by the end of the year.

DOWNERS GROVE (WIFR) -- The Illinois Tollway is beginning the process to shift westbound traffic on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) onto the eastbound side of the road between the Elgin Toll Plaza and I-39 in Rockford to create a work zone for the 2014 construction season and complete the first phase of the $2.5 billion I-90 Rebuilding and Widening Project.

The Tollway is scheduled to complete rebuilding and widening of the westbound lanes by the end of the year.

Work to shift traffic is scheduled to be completed in segments beginning next week and continuing into early June. All traffic will remain on the eastbound side of I-90 until construction of the new westbound lanes is complete.

Traffic shifts are expected to begin overnight on Friday, April 25, between the Elgin Toll Plaza and Illinois Route 72 near Hampshire followed by a shift on Saturday, April 26, between Brier Hill Road and U.S. Route 20. Work this weekend will be followed by shifts between Irene Road in Belvidere and I-39 in early May, between Anthony Road and Irene Road in mid- to late May and between Illinois Route 72 and Anthony Road in late May to early June.

Work to shift traffic will take place during overnight hours and is dependent on the weather. Overnight lane closures on I-90 will be necessary to complete pavement striping and to shift traffic, with two lanes closed for work east of Randall Road and one lane closed for work west of Randall Road. Lane reductions will be removed by mid-morning on weekends and by 5 a.m. daily on weekdays in advance of the morning rush hour.

Whenever possible, the Tollway uses traffic shifts and shoulders to keep as many lanes open during peak hours as were available before construction. Two lanes of traffic in both directions will be maintained during construction by shifting all traffic onto the eastbound side of the road while the westbound lanes are rebuilt and widened.

During construction, drivers will have access to all Tollway entrance and exit ramps including Randall Road, Illinois Route 47, U.S. Route 20, Genoa Road, Irene Road and I-39, as well as the Belvidere Oasis. However, a temporary closure of the westbound exit ramp to Irene Road will be scheduled in May for an interchange expansion project.

Due to space limitations, westbound traffic will have only two open road tolling lanes available at the Elgin Toll Plaza during construction. The cash side of the plaza will provide an I-PASS Only lane, as well as four cash lanes for the construction season.

At the Marengo Toll Plaza, westbound traffic will be routed under the monotube used for eastbound toll collection, but no toll will be charged for westbound drivers. Also at the Marengo Toll Plaza, eastbound traffic through the open road tolling lanes is reduced to one lane and shifted to the right shoulder until the summer. The cash plaza has two cash lanes and a temporary I-PASS Only lane on the left to provide additional capacity for I-PASS users.

At the Belvidere Toll Plaza, westbound traffic will be routed back to the toll plaza on the westbound side of I-90. The open road tolling lanes are reduced to one lane and shifted to the right shoulder. The cash plaza has three cash lanes available.

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