Trades Council Holds Career Expo

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Some new passions might get inspired this week as 8th graders learn real-life skills outside the classroom.

About 600 Rockford Public Schools students are taking part in a career expo that focuses on the construction industry. It's through District 205's partnership with the Northwestern Illinois Building and Construction Trades Council. Over three days, students will learn about several skills like laying bricks and painting. As well as how to enter into an apprenticeship program. While these jobs don't typically require college, organizers say that doesn't mean students can slack in high school.

"If you're not paying attention then and you're actually considering doing one of these jobs, you should really turn around and consider paying attention in class and working hard,” said Cris Rodriguez, a Belvidere South Student.

The expo runs through Thursday and any group is welcome to schedule a visit.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A local trades council is partnering with District 205 to help students explore potential careers.

Tomorrow marks the start of Northwestern Illinois Building and Construction Trades Council’s Annual Career Expo. More than 600 Stateline students will be able to meet with various trade workers, learn about the craft and how to get in their apprentice programs. Shanika Moore is one of those apprentices. She says it’s given her the opportunity to try out a field she might not have considered.

“It's a good line of work. It gives you a lot of experience, you know, it's good for women because there's very few of us in this field of construction. So it's good for women to open the doors,” said Moore.

The career expo kicks off tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. at the Carpenter Training Center in Rockford.

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