UPDATE: Town Hall Meeting Held to Address Violence in Beloit

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BELOIT (WIFR) -- There have been more murders in Beloit over the last few months than compared to all of 2013 and now neighbors are uniting in fear and frustration to get something done.

Several groups have been doing their own thing trying to curb the violence; they decided to join forces in the hopes of getting better results. They want neighbors from all around Beloit to take in a town hall meeting at the Eclipse Center. This meeting has been in the works well before the murder on Thursday of 25-year-old Jeffrey Hardnett. Leaders with Community Action of Beloit are hosting the forum. The discussion will focus on how to help kids in their teens and 20's, and how to support t hem with jobs and an education, so they won't break the law to get money. Folks behind this meeting say, neighbors need to be careful though to not lump kids into one category.

“You just have that 1/3 who are knuckleheads, who have no regard for the law, they are just going to wreak havoc on the community and once we incarcerate them, hold them for greater accountability, I think the other 2/3 youth will feel more comfortable to be successful within our community,” says community activist Dr. Dennis Baskin.

Leaders from different churches and businesses will have a voice at the meeting. They want to put a big emphasis on showing younger kids they don't need to solve their problems with a gun.

The meeting is at 6:30pm at the Eclipse Center in Beloit.

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