Too Many Gambling Machines?

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STATELINE (WIFR) – It seems like every business we walk into we can find video gaming machines inside. While some people worry we may be oversaturated with gambling options, local business owners say they’re still feeling lucky.

Seven businesses installed their devices last month in Rockford, including restaurants like Lucha Cantina. Owner Joseph Binning says he believes the video gaming trend continues to grow however Brad Fosberg, owner of Oscar’s Pub & Grill says people may be getting tired of having so many options to test their luck.

“We’re not breeding a bunch of gambler every month, but every month there’s new establishments opening. It’s going to water down the existing ones,” said Brad Fosberg, owner of Oscar’s Pub & Grill.
More than 300 applicants were approved for machines last month. Compared to 219 in January.

If there’s a saturation point when it comes to video gaming machines, we haven’t seen it yet in the Stateline.

In February, the amount played was up nearly 13% to almost $43 million. The state saw over $800,000 in profits. Revenue worth about $165,00 stayed with local governments.

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