Todd Smith Pleads Not Guilty in Wife's Murder

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- New details were shared in court today on how Katrina Smith died. Her husband Todd Smith plead not guilty to eleven counts related to her death.

A tearful plea to bring Katrina Smith home, has now turned into a plea in the courtroom.

45-year-old Todd Smith told a judge today, he's not guilty of killing his wife and hiding her body.

Smith's family packed today's court hearing as Judge John Truitt described how police say Katrina Smith was killed. Investigators believe Todd beat her with a baseball bat, stuffed her into the trunk of a car, and then dumped her remains into the Rock River, before leading the community on a search for her body.

Today, a soft-spoken Todd Smith appeared in a red jump suit and frequently kept his head down.

A very different demeanor from when we interviewed him in October. Smith's attorney and prosecutors have since requested that interview and other related news reports, to review as evidence. If smith is convicted, he could face life in prison, he'll be back in court January 9th.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Todd Smith has pleaded not guilty in the murder of his wife Katrina Smith.

She's the Machesney Park women who went missing on October 23th. Her body was found in the Rock River, just south of Byron, on November 10th.

According to Winnebago County States Attorney Joe Bruscato, Todd Smith faces 4 counts of murder.

Two of the counts indicate that Katrina Smith's murder was particularly brutal.

Smith also faces one count of concealing a homicide. Bond has been set at $4 million.

Police still aren't releasing too many details, but they say they think he acted alone and was the one who dumped her body in the Rock River.

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