Tobacco License Expiration Extended

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- At Monday's city council meeting, Rockford aldermen decided to push back the expiration date for tobacco licenses from January to April.

This will buy them some time. They've been facing a lot of backlash from business owners over their plan to raise the tobacco license renewal fee from $145 to $1,900. So by waiting a few extra months, they can possibly reduce that fee., and better line it up with area liquor licenses/

"Move to align the schedules so that it's consistent with the liquor ordinance schedule and the liquor license schedule," said Mayor Morrissey. "So what we want to be able to do is say to somebody who's got an annual renewal on a liquor license who also has a tobacco license, that they would do it at the same time."

Aldermen say these fees are put in place to better regulate shops that make most of their money from the sale of tobacco products.

The 2013 budget was also passed through committee Monday night, and it's set to be voted on during the next city council meeting.

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