Tina Lamonica Sentencing Begins

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Witnesses say the woman who admitted to killing her daughter by using cocaine while she was pregnant hid her drug problem from the child’s father.

Sentencing for Tina Lamonica started today. We heard from multiple witnesses today about Tina Lamonica’s decision to take her baby girl off life support, her hiding her drug addiction from the baby’s father, and the cause of Gia’s death.

A Department of Child and Family Services Investigator testified Lamonica admitted to using Cocaine throughout her pregnancy and even using it after going into early labor, a few days before Gia was born. The little girl came two months early with Cocaine in her system. A forensic pathologist says if Lamonica hadn’t used drugs, her little girl would still be alive today.

“After the baby was born it had respiratory problems due to being premature. The baby had difficulty breathing. The baby was in the ICU for approximately 7 days and never really had got a foothold on life I would say.”

The sentencing isn’t over yet. We’ll be back in court next Friday morning, October 11th to finish the hearing. Lamonica plead guilty to manslaughter in August avoiding a murder trial. She faces either probation or three to 14 years in prison.

Throughout these proceedings, her demeanor has been pretty emotionless and still during hearings, not really reacting to anything. Her family says they want this to be over. Walking out of court today, her mother said she wished they had finished the sentencing today.

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