Three Years Since Timmothy Pitzen Disappeared, Family Continues to Hope

ANTIOCH (WIFR) -- Three years ago on May 11, 2011, Aurora mom Amy Fry-Pitzen took her son Timmothy out of school early, then went on a two state road trip. It ended tragically two days later when she committed suicide in a Rockford motel and her son vanished.

Family members of the now 9-year-old boy say they are confident he is still alive and detectives also believe the boy may still return home safe and sound. Timmothy's grandmother Alana Anderson says her daughter Amy Fry-Pitzen adored her son and would never have hurt him, even though she took her own life. Detectives with the Aurora Police Department say there is no evidence that Timmothy was a victim of foul play, and that in her suicide note, Fry-Pitzen said that her son was somewhere safe and with someone who loved him. On Friday, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children created an image of Timmothy to show what he might look like now as a 9-year-old boy. He was last seen with his mother on May 13, 2011 as they left a resort in the Wisconsin Dells. She was caught on camera alone hours later at the Sullivan’s Foods in Winnebago. She was ultimately found dead inside a room at the Rockford Motel on 11th Street on May 14, 2011. Even three years later, Pitzen’s grandmother refuses to give up hope that he will come home once again.

"I know my daughter was very smart and very organized and very, very determined but I don't think most people could pull this off on their own,” says Alana Anderson. “I am sure he will find us someday. The Internet is always out there. He was a bright little boy and he knows he was loved and I know he will."

Detectives say in October 2013, they tracked Fry-Pitzen’s cell phone to a stretch of road along Rt. 78 in Carroll County but it didn’t contain any clues as to where Timmothy is or who he might be staying with.

The Aurora Police Department hopes more people will share the age progressed photo. For more on the case:

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