The Rockford Etsy Team Steps Out During the Spring ArtScene

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A group of Rockford artists shows off their talents for the first time at the 2013 Spring ArtScene.

The Rockford Etsy Team displayed at Mendelssohn Hall in downtown Rockford, and their on a mission to create more than just art in the Forest City. Dorothy Paige-Turner is a regular at the Rockford Area Art Council's Spring ArtScene. This year, she says she was delighted with the addition of the Rockford Etsy Team to the list of exhibitors.

"This caught my eye because it's wearable. I love wearable art stuff and not too many of the other venues have this,” says Paige-Turner.

There were 34 venues for this year's Spring ArtScene which featured more than 200 artists. 150 or so artists form the Rockford Etsy Team; twenty four of them displayed a variety of crafts at the weekend's show, everything from jewelry to quilts to candles and more. Many of the artists say they had a blast.

"There's a lot of cool things our team can be a part of and introducing the public to the Etsy sellers in this community is, this is a great first step to do that.," says Kari McDonald, the Captain of the Rockford Etsy Team.

“Part of being an artist and part of working with something you have a passion for is also being able to teach," says team member Tina Rippy. Rippy creates scarves out of felted wool.

The Rockford Etsy Team members already teach one another how to market themselves better online. The group hopes to pass their skills onto local students and budding entrepreneurs in order to change the way commerce works in Rockford.

"Rather than relying on countries overseas for our products we can rely on people here in our community to make those products in good quality to support each other and build our economy," says McDonald.

Paige-Turner is all for an Etsy economy, as long as it keeps her looking stylish.

"The scarves, and they dye them themselves and I love wearing somebody else's art," says Paige-Turner.

That art that might someday soon be a cornerstone of the city's economy, and you can check out all the team’s creations at:

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