The Epilepsy Foundation Trying to Approve Marijuana for Medicinal Use

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- People with epilepsy are rallying down in Springfield Tuesday for marijuana. Pot has been approved in Illinois for medicinal purposes, however, those suffering with epilepsy aren't approved to use the drug.

"I don't feel people should have to feel left out that they can't use it or feel like I am going to get in trouble because I go get some weed off the street. For medicinal purposes, I feel it should be used," says Andrea Coleman who suffers with epilepsy.

Andrea Coleman has epilepsy and says marijuana helps take away the pain from her severe migraines. On Tuesday, Coleman and Rockford's Epilepsy Foundation of North Central Illinois are going to Springfield. Doctors will join the group down state to meet legislatures, and to try and get pot approved for people with the disease.

"Were getting a lot of calls for epilepsy, especially people with young children that are actually moving to Denver, Colorado because they can't get the oil here," says Barbara Verni-Lau whose the Director of Client Services for the Epilepsy Foundation of North Central Illinois.

Cannabis oil can be the most potent part of the plant., that's why it's often used to treat severe conditions like epilepsy. Doctors say some patients using marijuana oil can go from having over a hundred seizures a day to just a handful.

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