UPDATE: Rockton School Board Approves New Teacher Contracts

ROCKTON (WIFR) -- The Rockton School Board approved a new two-year contract with its teachers union. The deal passed with a five to two vote Wednesday night. Contract negotiations had been going on since last spring. The biggest sticking points were pensions, insurance and compensation.

ROCKTON (WIFR) -- After several months of negotiating with the school board Rockton teachers are on their way to have a new contract.

Teachers voted during a meeting Monday evening at Stephen Mack Middle School. Where 88% of them voted in favor of the new contract. The contract is for 2 years.

Rockton Teacher Association says they've been fighting for a fair deal. The school board will vote on the contract on Wednesday.

ROCKTON (WIFR) -- After more than six months of contract negotiations teachers in the Rockton School District have reached a tentative agreement on a 2-year contract with the Board of Education.

Rockton School District Superintendent Mike Greenlee says both sides met Tuesday night for nearly three hours to work on the deal for the districts 85 teachers. They reached the agreement shortly before 11:00 p.m.

Rich Mayer, Co-President of the Rockton Teachers Union says negotiations have went on for so long because both sides were trying to work on a fair contract that the district could financially afford.

You may remember last Spring the school board approved more than a million dollars in budget cuts. Including doubling class sizes and eliminating 18 teaching positions.

Mayer says teachers are expected to meet next Monday to vote on the deal and after that happens contract details will be released.

Rockton School District has around 1,500 students.

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