Teens Struggling to Find Summer Jobs

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Some teens say they are having trouble finding a job this summer.

"I just don't have anything to do this summer."

18-year-old Ranesha James says she doesn't want to spend her summer watching TV on the couch. That's why she's filled out more than 30 applications looking for a job.

"I noticed like I applied at h&m and i noticed that an older lady just started working there," said Ranesha.

From retail stores to fast food joints, Ranesha says she's seeing more adults applying for the same positions.

"McDonald's and stuff that seems like a place where younger people should work to me but a lot of older adults are working there along with their kids," said Ranesha.

"For several years a lot of the entry level positions that high school and college kids, a lot of people looking for that first job that those jobs are being taken by those who had lost other jobs," said John Strandin.

Rockford has the highest unemployment rate in Illinois. John Strandin with Workforce Connection says many adults struggling to find work are forced take seasonal jobs.

"We tell adults all the time networking is the key to finding a job well the same thing applies to high school and college kids. You know, find out where your friends are working," said Strandin.

strandin says teens should also try volunteering at local businesses because that could lead to a full-time position.

Strandin says a lot of kids work the same summer job for years, which could also be why other teens are struggling to find work. He says places like the park district may still be hiring.

Strandin says the state funded summer job programs a few years ago, but there's no word on if there will be any funding this summer yet.

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