Teachers in N. Boone School District Approve Contract

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POPLAR GROVE (WIFR) -- Less than three days after teachers in the North Boone School District were supposed to strike, union members have approved a new contract, but not overwhelming.

The vice president of the North Boone Education Association did not want to tell us the exact vote, because she says it was not an overwhelming 'yes' vote. Teachers gathered at North Boone High School to vote on a tentative contract agreement.

When it comes to salary, this is what the four-year deal looks like: a hard freeze the first year, which is retroactive to July first. A 3.5% base increase the second year, 3% the third year, and a half percent increase the fourth year. The school board president says he's glad both sides could come to an agreement.

"It's a lot of hard work by both of the teams, the board negotiating team and the teacher team, to put this together. I'm glad we got it done and we can both move on," said school board president Don Ward.

The 'steps' and 'lanes' schedule will remain the same, something the union wanted. Steps are automatic yearly increases and lanes are hikes as teachers earn more levels of education. And there will be no merit pay, something the union did not support.

The school board will vote on the contract at its March 17th board meeting.

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