UPDATE: 20 iPads Stolen from the Beloit Learning Academy

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UPDATE: A new study program in the Beloit School District suffers a major setback after thieves steal around 20 iPads from the Beloit Learning Academy.

Beloit School District Communications Coordinator Melissa Badger says when staff got to work Monday morning they noticed the iPads were missing. Badger says someone broke into the school over the weekend and took the gadgets.

The Beloit Police Department is investigating.

BELOIT (WIFR) – By this summer, every kid in the Beloit School District will have an iPad.

The district signed a three-year deal with Apple to lease 7,000 iPads. They started handing out the devices this past September. Teachers say the iPads have helped students become more engaged in their lessons.

“Totally revamped education altogether. It helps prep the kids for researching skills, atlas skills, any type of skill that they’re going to need as they enter the real world and it’s helped them with the opportunity to build those skills.”

The district set aside money for the devices by cutting 10% from every department.

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