Dixon Teachers Explain Strike Negotiations to Parents

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Classes are canceled again tomorrow in the Dixon school district as contract talks hit a wall.

"We are advocates as parents for our teachers, because they are advocates for our students," said Marce Piller.

Piller is one of hundreds of Dixon parents who piled into the Elks lounge Wednesday night to get some questions answered about the teacher's strike.

"My son is a six grader. In his math class, he can not bring a textbook home, because they don't have enough," said Piller.

168 Dixon teachers have been striking since last Thursday.

"We're still trying to work on learning conditions and working conditions," said Dixon Education Association Vice President Aaron Eddy. "Classroom size, technology, special ed assistance."

The Dixon Education Association invited the community to learn about their three-year contract proposal. The board rejected the union's latest offer after five hours of negotiations. They're still about are $200,000 apart.

"I feel they don't have anybody speaking for them," said Carolyn Brechon, who came to listen to the teachers presentation. "Have the school board members gone into classrooms, seen what's going on. You know when workers are down working in the trenches, you got to get down there and know what they're doing."

They still can't agree on wages and health care contributions. As for the easier decisions, teachers said they've settled on the length of the school day and year, which will remain the same.

There were no board members present at Wednesday night's meeting.

Both sides won't meet again until Friday.

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