Teacher Charged With Battery

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A trial got underway today for a Rockford high school teacher accused of slamming a student against lockers. This student fell so hard, he suffered a seizure and concussion. It happened at Guilford High School, during school hours. The boy was 15 years old and today he took the stand. However, his memory of the attack is blurry because of the concussion he suffered.

The incident was caught on school security cameras and was played today in open court. The video didn't have audio but you could see the teacher, Aaron Oetting, trying to block the boys way before both of them eventually end up on the floor. Prosecutors call it a body slam, while the defense attorney says the teacher was protecting himself. Today, Patrick Abramson who was assistant principal at the time, testified the teacher was sorry about how he handled the situation. The defense attorney says the boy has a history of disciplinary problem.

The case continues tomorrow morning. It's a bench trial so the judge, not a jury will decide the teachers fate. Oetting is still on administrative leave.

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