Tanning Ban Proposal for minors

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ILLINOIS (WIFR) – The Illinois House reconvenes tomorrow. Lawmakers could take up legislation that would ban minors from indoor tanning beds. Some local tanning salons aren’t happy with the proposal.

Equator tan in Rockford says kids under the age of 18 are already required to get permission from their parents if they want to tan. Employees say that should be enough, however legislators who sponsor the bill say tanning before 18-years-old increases the risk of skin cancer and they want to protect kids. Opponents argue the majority of kids are being safe with indoor tanning.

"It's not like we have ten-year-olds here I mean honestly it's kids that are 17 going to prom, 16 going to dances I mean they're almost 18 anyway that's where the cutoff point is going to be and you know their parents have to sign a waiver so it's really up to the parents,” said Co-founder of Equator Tan, John Ford.

The bill passed the Senate last week and is now in the House Rules committee. It’s unclear when the full house could take up that measure.

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