Talk2Me Initiative Targets New Parents

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- One of the groups trying improve our education system will be launching a new initiative in the coming months. Alignment Rockford will be reaching out to new parents to stress the importance of building a strong relationship from birth. Research has shown that the way infants learn to explore and play on their own is directly impacted by how securely attached they are to their parents. That's where Alignment Rockford's new "Talk-2-Me" initiative kicks in. Parents are encouraged to play with their kids, talk to them, cuddle, and offer encouragement which will help them be better prepared for school.

"Children that do not have these attachments enter school and at times what we see is increased behavior problems, they're not ready to interact with their friends, they have shorter attention spans, they don't have some of the social skills needed that can make them successful in school,” said the Co-Chair of the Healthy Start Committee Kim Nelson.

Alignment Rockford has already trained more than 200 volunteers to help spread the word. The campaign will officially launch in mid-March.

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