TXT2TIP Program Turns One

WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) -- Murder cases are just some of the crimes solved, thanks to us and texting.

The Text 2 Tip Program was started by the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department in July 2013. In the past year the department has received more than 1,000. One of the first helped solve a Rockford murder case.

Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro says since then he department has added the text to tip information to crime tape.

"To traffic related issues, to neighborhood issues. Everything you can possibly think of. It gives the public a chance to provide that information absolutely anonymously. We have no idea who's texting this information to us," Iasparro said.

Every one of those text messages the department receives is anonymous. To send a tip Just text it to Tip 4-1-1.

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