SwedishAmerican Hospital Announces iTriage Smartphone App Partnership

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A local hospital is making it easier for patients in need. SwedishAmerican hospital recently released a phone app that allows someone to list his or her condition and check in before arriving at the hospital.

An individual can look up their symptoms and find the best diagnosis. If a visit to the doctor is necessary, they submit it through the app and this gives doctors a chance to be prepared when the patient arrives, ultimately cutting down on wait times.

“This allows them to send a fax to us and let us know they are coming in, which is always wonderful. That way we can greet folks and have an idea about what is coming into the emergency department,” said Chad Thompson, Director of Emergency Services.

“An early check in doesn’t necessarily mean you will be seen first. Patients with more severe injuries still have priority but once you are seen it is expected the process will be smoother and more efficient.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- In response to the growing number of smartphone users, SwedishAmerican Hospital has partnered with iTriage-- a one stop healthcare app that lets consumers quickly and easily access information about symptoms, diseases and procedures, and even alert hospital staff of an impending arrival.

"At SwedishAmerican Hospital, we recognize the importance of connecting with our patients when they have an immediate medical need," says Dr. John Underwood, Medical Director, Department of Emergency Medicine.

"Launching the ER Check-In feature with iTriage offers a convenience to our patients and allows staff to prepare in advance for their visit."

Infinity HealthCare, the Midwest region's premier provider of Emergency Department Management services, has brought iTriage to SwedishAmerican Hospital. An iTriage partnership with Infinity HealthCare was announced earlier this year. As a free resource to the community, iTriage lets users find critical facility information like services provided, specialties, hours and directions. iTriage also lets users:

  • Search medical symptoms and conditions
  • Learn about possible causes and treatment options
  • Get medication refill and appointment reminders added to personal calendars
  • Access a nationwide database of every medical provider in the country

    "iTriage gives healthcare facilities a way to leverage mobile devices and wireless networks to provide better care for patients and puts actionable information into the hands of consumers, including facility mapping, so they ca easily obtain treatment," says Peter Hudson, M.D. co-founder of iTriage.

    "We recognize Infinity HealthCare and SwedishAmerican Hospital for their innovation in adopting mobile solutions that improve healthcare delivery."

    iTriage is available as a free download from app stores for iPhone and Android devices and is accessible from any internet enabled device at www.iTriageHealth.com.

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