SwedishAmerican Hospital to Use eCare System

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Patients at SwedishAmerican Hospital will soon receive even more care while they are recovering and it will all be done electronically.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Beginning Tuesday, SwedishAmerican Hospital will begin using an eCare system with U.W. Health Centers in Madison.

Around 30 rooms in SwedishAmerican's Critical Care Unit will be hooked up to a camera and microphone, allowing U.W. physicians to interact with patients here in Rockford. Information on patients will be shared in real-time with the eCare staff, allowing 24-7 monitoring of the patients.

SwedishAmerican CEO Dr. Bill Gorski said, "It really will add to the safety of the patient. Because you know the doctors and nurses can't be in the room all the time, they just can't. So if there's that extra layer of assurance that that will be picked up quickly, and the staff will be informed quickly, that just makes things that much safer."

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