UPDATE: 1 of 2 Suspects Found Who Escape From Downtown Prison

CHICAGO (AP) -- Police say one of two bank robbers have been arrested after the pair's brazen escape from a high-rise federal jail in downtown Chicago sparked a days-long manhunt.

FBI spokeswoman Joan Hyde says Joseph Banks was captured late Thursday.

Banks fled the Metropolitan Correctional Center early Tuesday with Kenneth Conley by apparently smashing a hole in a wall at the bottom of a narrow cell window and squeezing through, before scaling down about 20 stories using a knotted rope or bed sheets. Police helicopters and canine units swarmed the Chicago area, but not until hours after the men were last accounted for by correctional officers' headcount. The search later spread beyond Chicago to the homes of anyone officers could find with ties to the men.

Both men face hefty prison sentences.

CHICAGO (WIFR) -- Chicago police are still trying to catch two alleged bank robbers after they escaped from a downtown prison this morning, using bed-sheets.

Police say they discovered the two men were missing just before 9 o'clock this morning, a little less than four hours after they were last checked. One was spotted downtown, and the other in a nearby neighborhood. They add the men were wearing orange jumpsuits when they climbed down the 20 story building, but have likely changed clothes.

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