Suspect Escapes from Beloit Police Custody; 2 Time in a Year

BELOIT (WIFR) -- For the second time this year a person in custody escapes Beloit police right outside their station.

Police say they're looking for Unique Handley, 19, a black woman, wearing a turquoise tank top, gray sweatpants. Police say she was shoe-less when she escaped from an unsecured squad car just before 5:00 p.m. Wednesday night right before she was brought into the building near the department's sally port. The sally port is right where the department parks their squad cars, that's the area where officers take suspects into the police station to be booked. The same thing happened last November when Michael Kane, 40, escaped police custody while still in handcuffs.

It's unclear if Handley was in handcuffs when she took off, but police say they're investigating how the young woman was able to escape.

Along with that probation violation, she's also wanted on a battery warrant.

The man who got away from police while in handcuffs was sentenced earlier this year for selling cocaine.

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