Survery Finds Families Spend More on School Supplies

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Back to school shopping took a bigger chunk of change out of parents’ wallets in 2014.

The National Retailer Federation’s survey on back to school shopping found that 58% of parents said they planned to buy electronic items for back to school. That survey also found that an average family spent $669.28 on school supplies and new clothes. That is up 5% from 2013 when an average family spent $634.78 last year. Despite families shelling out more, the total spending on back to school is expected to drop to $26.5 billion. That’s because the survey found there are fewer students in households.

Target employees say they saw an increase over the weekend of families buying supplies. Those employees say every year there seems to be more than a few procrastinators. Sometimes they just have to pick up odds and ends, and sometimes it’s the whole list.

“I swear that I had already gotten everything on the list but as we were putting the bags together, there were things missing so, I don't know what happened. I think things magically disappeared,” says Nora McCormick. ”They’re ready, I’m ready. They need to get back into the school routine."

"I like numbers, I really don't like to read that much but I also like social studies because I get to learn history,” says 6th grader Christian Rico.

High school parents reported to the NRF that they planned to spend an average of $230 on electronics for their students.

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