Support for Boone County Sales Tax Referendum

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BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) -- A Boone County Group is out in full force urging voters to approve a one percent sales tax on next month’s ballot.

The Committee Citizens for School Bond Relief is trying to get the word out to residents about what this sales tax means for them. So they’ve been sending out mailings, the last one on Tuesday. They’re also visiting groups and clubs. If approved on the April ballot, the sales tax would increase to 7.75 %, which is still lower than Rockford which is at 8.25%. The tax would not be collected on groceries, medication, vehicles, or farm equipment. The extra money would be used for capital projects and to help pay down bonds in the Belvidere and North Boone school districts and that could help homeowners.

"The State of Illinois is a now a horrible place for school funding and our property taxes as a whole are going to go up. Our debt is already incurred for the school bonds to build and provide the services that we have and this is just one way to help mitigate those property tax bills that are going to be going up,” said John Wolf with citizens for School Bond Relief.

Wolf says he'd rather pay a little more at a time, than to pay a lot more all at once with those property taxes. This referendum failed in November, so this committee is really trying to get the word out and again this is a sales tax, so it would apply to anyone who shops in Boone County, not just residents. To put it into perspective, if the sales tax passes, for every 100 dollars you spend, you’ll pay an extra dollar in tax. The referendum will be on the ballot for the April 9th election.

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