Superbowl Fans Stock Up on Snacks

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For some stores, the sound of a cash register is the real sound of football.

With the biggest game of the season one day away, last minute shoppers are packing stores like Sullivan's in Winnebago to get ready for Sunday's match- up.

'It's definitely a big weekend," said Sullivan's store owner Rob Freeman. "You know, you've got New Years, you got Christmas. Superbowl it like the final little holiday after new years. So it's like that last final push before everything starts to slow down."

Today was anything but slow for local grocery stores. 15-year-old Hunter Johnson is also getting ready for the super-bowl. He said the food spread is just as important as the game.

"you have to have the perfect layout," said Johnson. "Without the perfect layout, the game's just not the same."

Rolling through the aisles, shoppers are grabbing the game day favorites: chips, pop, meat, and beer. But for some customers, Sunday is a chance to do something besides just eating food and watching football.

"This kind of gives you an excuse to have family and friends over," said Douglass Rapp. "It's about a celebration regardless of what it, even if it's not your teams that are playing and it's about, again, spending time with family and friends and celebrating something."

No matter what your celebrating local stores said they are excited to score the extra business.

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