Supermajority for Illinois Democrats

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Now that the vote is over, it's now time to assess the impact of the results. Nationally the White House and Congress remains pretty much the same as it was before the election Yet, Tuesday's outcome results in a pretty significant change in Springfield.

Before the election, Democrats held a 64-54 majority in the state house, but that has been increased to a 71-47 majority, making it a veto proof or super majority.

There is also now a democratic supermajority in the Illinois senate after the majority party picked up five more seats on Tuesday.

We spoke with longtime Republican Representative Jim Sacia and Democratic Senate newcomer Steve Stadelman about this new supermajority dynamic in Springfield.

"It’s the perfect question and I think that a lot of people share that concern. They can literally if they get their ducks in a row can push through about any type of legislation that they want. The reality is 95 plus percent of what we do in Springfield have nothing to do with partisan politics,” said Republican Jim Sacia from the 89th District.

"I will take the approach when it comes to major pieces of legislation that we need bipartisan support. And the best legislations results from democrats and republicans working together, reaching a compromise on difficult issues. And that's the best way to move forward on some of the difficult issues facing the state of Illinois,” said the recently elected Democrat, Steve Stadelman.

The so called lame duck session in Springfield runs for two weeks starting in late November. Sacia says he's confident progress can be made during that time, including possibly a resolution to the casino bill that Governor Quinn vetoed in August.

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