Suggestions for Fighting the Flu

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- Most area hospitals are requiring visitors be at least 18 years old in an effort to battle the Stateline’s flu epidemic. From washing your hands, to covering your cough we've told you several ways to prevent yourself from getting the flu. In order to nurse yourself back to good health, you could try making a flu survival kit, a local pharmacist says for a speedy recovery, a doctor's prescription works best.

If you go see a doctor, many will prescribe the drug Tamiflu, which tackles all flu symptoms, including fever and heavy cough. Pharmacists at North Park Pharmacy say they've filled dozens of Tamiflu prescriptions in the last few days. Sheila Kitzman tells me Tamiflu works best, but you can also give over the counter drugs a shot if you're not up to a trip to the doctor's office.

"To treat the symptoms, plenty of rest. for a fever, usually the analgesics like Tylenol or ibuprofen and again based on their age, you know which one they would take and be appropriate,” said Pharmacist Sheila Kitzman.

Kitzman also suggests you wear a mask to protect yourself if someone in your household is sick or if you have flu or cold symptoms.

For a complete list of all of these tips, plus information about how the flu is spreading across the Stateline, you can check out our special flu page here on our website.

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