Student's React to Rockford College Name Change

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Students at Rockford College might want to buy some new gear, as the board of trustees has decided to change the school's name to Rockford University.

“A lot of people think colleges are 2 year school, and that's not what we are, we're a four year school.” Now students like Amelia Francesco won't have to explain their school's status much longer.

Rockford College will change to Rockford University next summer. As a junior, double majoring in art history and theater, Francesco will be part of the first graduating class under the new name. “To be graduating with a university diploma, it's a new idea that I’m really excited about," said Francesco.

Paige Smith, who's in the nursing program, will join Francesco. A transfer student from Michigan State University, Smith says she's excited about the switch. "For being a bachelor's of nursing degree it sounds really good to come from a university instead of a college,” said Smith.

President Dr. Robert Head says they are truly a small university, and now is the time to clear up the confusion for people. “I think we connect the dots for them by changing the name and reflecting exactly who we are," said Head.

Dr. Head also says they will continue to be a liberal arts instituition and hopes the change will attract international students. Alumni can get a new diploma with the new name for a small fee. The new name takes effect July 1, 2013. We’re told it won't impact tuition rates.

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