Students Pledge to Stop Bullying

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Nearly half of all kids will experience bullying at school at some point when they’re a child or a teenager, according to a new report and kids in the Stateline are no different.

Students in District 100 are taking a pledge to stomp out bullying, so all this week they’ve been addressing the issue that many kids have experienced.

South Middle School sixth grader, Dakota Jensen was one of those many students who signed a pledge this week to help stop bullying.

“It was a long time ago, they grabbed my hair and they yanked my hair back and forth,” Jensen said.

The district has special events this week, but it’s something they address all year long and they want to teach students that anyone can help out during a bullying situation.

"It's not just the bully and it's not just the victim, but it's the bystanders that really make a difference and making sure that those bystanders are reporting things or make sure those bystanders are standing up to those that are being mean to others,” said Principal Ben Commare.

At Belvidere South, they’re stressing through ways to report bullying. Tell an adult, drop a note in the bullying tip box or text or call the safety hotline at 815-596-0858.

Other Belvidere Schools also participated in anti-bullying events this week. The campaign continues next week. Students at Belvidere South will nominate fellow classmates who set good examples.

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