Students Build and Donate New Computer

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A group of students from Rockford Lutheran High School developed career skills of their own through a partnership between their school and the Boy Scouts.

High schoolers spent a month learning how to take apart and rebuild computers through the Boy Scouts’ Learning for Life program. The kids gave up their Saturdays to learn what it takes to build a new computer. Today, the kids presented their handiwork to Rock House Island Kids, a local non-profit that provides after school programs to inner city kids in Rockford.

“Not many people can say I know how to put a computer together and we get to donate it to rock house kids. It's just real rewarding to know you can do something to change the community and help kids who aren't as blessed as you are,” said Rockford Lutheran freshman Andrew Torchia.

The kids weren’t on their own to build the computer. They received guidance from Lutheran High grad Jeff Garcea who owns a local computer service.

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