Student Shaves Head for St. Jude's Fundraiser

FREEPORT (WIFR) -- Hair today, gone tomorrow. It's a phrase that hits home at Freeport High School today after the courageous and charitable acts of a student and police officer. When Freeport's servant leadership group decided it wanted to do a fundraiser for St. Jude's hospital. Sophomore student Alexandra Scardino decided to volunteer her long brown locks for the cause. After taking donations, Scardino and Freeport police officer Jolynn Sanders had their heads shaved at the high school today. Scardino's friend Erin was diagnosed with large b-cell lympoma six weeks ago, making the tough decision to give up her hair a little easier.

After the fact, Scardino says she’s happy she decided to go through with shaving her head and that it’s nothing compared to what kids with cancer are going through.

The original goal was to raise $500 dollars, but so far over $1,200 have been raised. There's still time to donate. You can send a check to FHS Servant Leadership and mail it to Freeport High School at 701 W. Moseley Street Freeport, IL, 61032.

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