Dist. 205 Student Health Exam Policy Change

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- More District 205 students could be missing the first few days of school, if they don't get their health exams done on time.

The school board voted tonight to change the deadline of when students must have their medical exams and immunizations done by. Instead of October 15th, like this year, next year students must have them done by the first day of school.

If students don't have those exams done by the first day they can't attend class. The district says they bumped up the date because they'd rather have students miss the first few days of school instead of the middle of the semester when they're already well into their lessons.

Also tonight, the board approved 2012 tax levies which eliminates the 58-cent tax levy. That means Rockford taxpayers are getting money back.

Chief Financial Officer Cedric Lewis said, "To give tax relief during this time is going to be resounding. I can assure you that there are probably few, if any school systems around us that are actually giving tax money that the district is entitled to, back to the taxpayers."

To give you an example of the savings, a family with a home valued at $150-thousand dollars, will see a savings of about 132 dollars.

And taxpayers will see even more savings. The district won't increase the rate of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). In total, that means a loss of about $18 million for the school district, nine million is already budgeted for.

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