Student Burned in Classroom

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- School classrooms are supposed to be a safe place for kids, but that's not the case for one 11-year-old Rockford student who got a second degree burn in class.

Treating her son for a burn is the last thing Amy Bradley thought she'd be doing after sending him to school nearly three weeks ago.

"Got a call from the nurse, she said Jordan had gotten burned at school. It threw me off; I had no idea how a child could get burned at school,” said Bradley.

Jordan tripped over a beanbag and fell into a radiator at Bloom Elementary. "I'm appalled that students are even allowed in the classroom with these kind of dangers."

The radiators, like the one Jordan burned his arm on, are original to the building which means all classrooms have them. However, the district is looking to fix that

The district has since wrapped all of the classroom radiator pipes. Yet, Bradley says she's disappointed with how long the investigation took. The district didn't block off the exposed pipe until two days later, after Bradley pulled her son out of school and threatened legal action.

"Parents are not going to just sit back and allow our children to be in dangerous facilities,” Bradley added.

Administrators say there may have been a communication issue when the school notified administration.

"We're working on that internally, if they were notified, they didn't notify the appropriate personnel to sit there and come out there and correct it right away," said Chief Operations Officer, Todd Schmidt.

We have since checked in with Jordan about his burn and while it is better, it is still healing. His mother was also concerned that when the incident happened, she wasn’t notified until about two hours later.

As for a more permanent solution to the radiator issue, the exposed pipes in all school buildings will be covered under the new facilities plan. Schmidt says Bloom will likely be a priority because of this incident. Construction under the facilities plan is expected to start in the summer.

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