Stronger Laser Removes Tattoos Faster

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- One in five American adults has a tattoo, according to a recent Harris Interactive Poll, and sometimes people regret getting the ink. But Hartsough Dermatology in Rockford is now one of four offices in the Midwest with new technology to quickly erase tattoos.

It seems like tattoos are becoming more common and so is the disappointment. Trina Sansone can relate.

"My sister had passed away and I made some very unfortunate, bad decisions in my life and this was one of them."

Sansone got a tattoo on her chest about five years ago, which she now regrets.

"I couldn't wear the clothes I wanted to wear, my job and just myself, it wasn't me," says Sansone.

Thanks to a new and faster laser treatment called PicoSure at Hartsough Dermatology in Rockford, her mistake is being erased one treatment at a time. A typical treatment takes about about 5-10 minutes and about a week after each session, the ink will break up and fade, kind of like rubbing pen off your skin. Patients can get a treatment every eight weeks.

"It's very strong, kind of a rapid fire. The treatment time is a lot less than it was with our previous tattoo removal laser," says Dr. Nicole Hartsough.

The number of sessions will vary for each tattoo and there is some pain. Sansone describes it as a rubberband snapping against your skin. But she says it'll be worth it once this ink is gone for good.

Sansone said, "I'm going to be speechless, just so ecstatic."

The laser can also remove small parts of a tattoo. The cost varies depending on the size and colors. If you want to schedule a consultation at Hartsough Dermatology call 815-226-9642.

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