Strong Storm Blows Through Stateline

Photo from Vicki Rhyner in Forreston looking straight north. Taken just before 12 p.m. on 4/29/14
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STEPHENSON COUNTY (WIFR) – A potentially dangerous storm system has dissipated after causing tornado sirens to go off throughout the Stateline. The National Weather Service reports that at 11:20 a.m. a tornado briefly touched down near Shannon which is in Carroll County. The storm then moved north into Stephenson County, causing sirens there to be sounded as well.

When some were working at the Stephenson County Fairgrounds this afternoon, they had no place to go.

“I knew there was no place at the fairgrounds to take shelter, so we just got out of there and went home to make sure our place was alright,” said Jerry Kubatzke, a Stephenson County resident.

Kubatzke says what appeared to be a wide funnel cloud was starting to come down over Oakdale Park. It split into two when making it halfway to the ground, before breaking up.

Thanks to our friends on Facebook who sent in their photos.

Photo by Jody Grantinetti in Forreston, looking to Freeport on Hwy 26.

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