Staying Healthy in the Heat

STATELINE (WIFR) – With this sunny streak, many of us want to be outdoors, but here are some signs that its time to move inside.

Doctors say there’s a spectrum of heat-related illness. The first sign something is wrong is if your muscles start cramping. You might be suffering heat exhaustion if you start noticing a headache or if you feel nauseous. The most serious illness is a heat stroke.

“Most symptoms can be managed at home with lots of fluids, getting in the shade, using a cool mist fan. But, if you start to progress to heat stroke, where you’re having altered consciousness, someone’s not acting normally, that is a serious emergency and those people need to seek medical attention,” said Physician Assistant Carleen Freesmeier.

Doctors say kids and the elderly are the most vulnerable so keep an eye on them. Don’t forget it’s important for pets to stay hydrated too.

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